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What clients have said 

“B from Darwen”.


Ann helped me to identify and recognise some unconscious behavioural triggers that were causing me stress and leading to some negative behaviours.

She is a great and empathetic listener and does not offer a cookie cutter approach.

Three members of our family attended her sessions and we all received support and therapy tailored to our individual needs.   

Moreover the sessions were fun.


Male 50-70


Ann was brilliant and put myself and my son at ease straight away. She explained everything really clearly and shared what the plan was. My son loved his sessions with Ann and she really helped him to see things more positively and be open to trying new things. She helped us as parents with how to help him too. We would highly recommend Ann.


Male 13-19




“G from Darwen”.


Ann is approachable, joyful and empathetic. She has many therapeutic tools to help you get rid of your emotional gremlins and to empower you to manifest a happier version of yourself.

I have recommended her to many family members, colleagues and friends and I will not hesitate to go back to her should I ever need to see her again. Thank you Ann.

Female 50-70


I dont know how hypnotherapy works but it does.

Had 3 sessions with Ann to sort out a few issues in my head and to help me be more productive.

Whatever she did helped me enormously and my life in general has improved as a direct result of the sessions with her.

lovely gentle way about her. I relaxed immediately.

Thank you Ann x


Female 40-60


I got in touch with Ann at Nuliving therapy because I had an issue with flying. After speaking with Ann I had hypnotherapy and I couldn't believe the results. I can not thank her enough for this because it completely stopped my issue with flying. I look forward to going on holiday now which is fantastic.


Male 40-60


I was going to have a gastric band surgery but a friend about Ann and that what she does really works. 

 Ann isnt a typical money making person she listens and understands and really goes out her way to help.       I have saved my review for a while because i wanted to see if this 5st weight loss stays off. yep it has and i     dont deny myself of anything i still have ann in my head about drinking water and eating slower but appart   from that i eat what i want. I am now putting my savings towards other things.





 I first met Ann when i came to buy some therapy candles and left booking a hypnotherapy session.
Ann knows her stuff in her herbal/aromatherapy things but even        more in her hypnotherapy. I never really thought it would    work until Ann explained how it works and the passion she has in it made me confident it would work and yes it did. I am     a new person it feels, stronger and more incontrol of me and my thoughts. Thank you Ann you are an amazing person




I came to Ann to help sort my life out. I left school with nowt i had panic attacks when i sat my exams and havent done anything since. Now im enrolled at college and getting to see my friends. i have a life thanks to chatting with ann. 


Ann has helped me overcome anxiety + depression in a kind + caring way.

She is always helpful + I know she is always there to help me if I have any problems.


When I most needed help and felt vounrable I was given STRENGTH. I was given kindness and hope. I will always be GRATEFUL.



Ann is a very valuable member of staff and the Women's Centre is very lucky to have her Don't let her go!

Ann is amazing, listens and gives appropriate treatment. Ann has helped me so much and i very much appreciate her input in my path to becoming a confident woman.


    Sue Hudson 

Id just like to say that the service Ann provided was brilliant, it was very relaxing and has helped me a lot with my anxieties and low self esteem

Holly Hogson        

Ann I would like to say without your help previously I was not coping well, Your therapy skills and combined hypnotherapy has been positive for me. I have been able to cope alot better.

Thank you so much


I went with an open mind as I have heard good things about hypnotherapy. But wow I did not expect the results I had so quickly. Ann is really understanding & easy to talk to with a genuine wish to help. I came on in leaps and boundsand have recommended Ann to several people. To me Ann is a life saver and she does an amazing job so glad I found her.



Ann helped me a lot, I found a new confidence I did't know I had.I feel better in myself and feel like I can do more things, daily, without worrying as much as I did prior to the hypnotherapy. Thank you Ann


Ann is truely fabulous!! So far i've only seen her on a few occasions but each and every time she's helped me feel safe and secure. Its incredible to meet someone so understanding and knowledgable. I cant rate her highly enough and id recommend her to everyone. During the sessions she makes sure she listensto what you say and dont say to try and undersytand how she can help you. I'll be eternally grateful for all your help and i'm really pleased I found you. Thank you so much xx


"Thank u Ann your therapy has given me the skills to lead the life i want, you showed me where to find the switch so 'I' could turn the light on xx"

Susan  Ritchie        

Its took so long for me to find help with my past, thanks to ann ican now put it to bed and live whats left of my life in peace.
So much in your debt ann love and kisses


Thank You!

Hi I just wanted to say a huge thanks for all your help and support. Its been really encouraging meeting someone who "Gets It".......Its given me the boost I needed to make me believe things can change

See you soon

Kelly x           

Thank you, you made me see light in a very dark tunnel

Mr J.B              

" Very professional and easy to talk to, I was made to feel like she really cared about helping me. Dealt with alot of my past without reliving it, so impressed I came back for weight loss and still loosing. I cant thank you enough."

Mrs S. Bradley                                                                          

" Such a lovely lady, made me feel relaxed. Helped me through a difficult time and even goes out of her way to help if needed"

E. Huddhart       

"Had an amazing effect on my day to day life, thank you!"

                                                                                         Mr D. Rowlands         

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