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Hypnotherapy misbeliefs


  • You will not give away any secrets you want to keep to yourself. 


  • You will be aware where you are at all times.


  • You will not be made to behave in a way you would not want.


  • Yes of course you will come out of it unscathed and immediately when I tell you to.


  • No you will not be “unconscious” or “Knocked out”.


  • You will awaken refreshed and relaxed and of course free from any side effects.


  • No you will not eat an onion or cluck like a chicken or even fall asleep when certain words are spoken out of your session.


  • Not to be confused with stage hypnosis. An ethical hypnotherapist will work with you to enhance your wellbeing and will certainly not do anything to make you feel foolish or uncomfortable. Everything that you discuss will be in the strictest confidence.

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